Dir: Louis Leterrier, 2016



Known as “The Brothers Grimsby” in the U.S.A.  (which, to be fair, is a much better title) Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest offering is a gross, vile, offensive, childish and downright hilarious comedy aimed squarely at people who have a genuine sense of humour and not the arty farty snobby types who laugh at Krzysztof Kieślowski and think Andy Warhol films are comic masterpieces.

Nobby Butcher is a football loving, lager swilling, council house dwelling, giro spending working class lout with eleven kids and an overweight wife (Rebel Wilson). For 28 years he has been searching for his younger brother, Sebastian, after being separated when they were sent to different orphanages.

Sebastian (Mark Strong) has now become one of MI6’s top agents and is sent on a mission to assassinate an assassin planning on assassinating a world renown philanthropist (Penelope Cruz).

However, Nobby is there and reunites with his brother causing him to accidentally shoot a young boy who has AIDS. The impact of the bullet causes blood to spray and land in Daniel Radcliffe’s mouth giving him AIDS. Yes, that’s the sort of comedy you’re dealing with. And all the more better for it.

This film does not apologise for what it is and nor should it. It’s saying switch your brain off and enjoy. Don’t let good taste get in the way. Don’t let the notion of what you should  and shouldn’t be laughing at deter you. It’s okay to be politically incorrect. Sometimes, it just feels good to laugh at something that the middle classes or the media or PC brigade say you shouldn’t. Laugh at the taboo. You can’t spend your film viewing life prudish and shielded from all that is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. Of course you’ve got the ones who think they’re an expert on film and spew forth platitudes like “appeals to the lowest common denominator” but they should just be ignored. Just sit back, relax and go with the flow.

If there’s any decency you can think of this film will break it. And break it with a beaming smile on it’s face.

I really don’t want to give anything away but there’s a scene with elephants that will have you squirming and busting a gut at the same time. And don’t get me started on the scene where Nobby has to remove the venom…

Give this a watch. If you’re one those poncey pillocks then leave the pretentiousness at the door and come down to Earth. You never know, you might even like it and come down a bit more often.

But “Grimsby” is not without it’s downsides,  Some jokes go on a little too long and outstay their welcome but you could, probably, say this about any comedy.

People , unfairly, compare this to “Borat” or “Bruno”. Those films were all about a fish out of water and played on unsuspecting members of the public, a la “Candid Camera”. The shock and crudity in those films work because they make you wonder how he had the nerve to do and say the things he did and get away with it. They were making fun of ridiculous attitudes that some people hold opening them up to ridicule.

This film is nothing like that. It’s just funny for the sake of being funny. That’s all I want in a comedy. It’s all most people want in a comedy. I couldn’t give a toss whether the plot is flimsy or ludicrous. If I laugh it’s good. And this film made me do just that.

Funny, gross, offensive, excellent.




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