U.F.O. The Movie

Dir: Tony Dow, 1993


51FWXMY722L (2)

Self titled Britain’s bluest comedian, Roy “Chubby” Brown, makes his only starring vehicle in this theatrical hilarity.

The plot is there as a springboard for Chubbs to fire off misogynistic and sexist comments.

Feminist aliens from the future travel back in time and beam the comedian up into their space ship and put him on trial for comments against women.

Found guilty he is punished with the “Genesis Treatment”, a procedure that automatically impregnates him for the next 30 years. And how does he give birth? Through his arse, of course!

Chubby Brown is a working class comic, who has made his name in the working men’s clubs of Britain. His humour is very much a class thing. The majority of his fans, such as myself, are working class and can identify with the way he talks. It’s just a joke. Nothing more. He doesn’t hate women or anybody else for that matter. It’s just working class comedy. The Comedian’s and The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club paraded comedy like this and it’s still funny.

If it gets a laugh, great. Don’t be so uptight. It’s good to laugh.

Surprisingly, Chubbs, who’s real name is Royston Vasey, can actually act. Don’t get me wrong it’s not exactly an award winning role but he’s not wooden. Chubby’s persona is likeable because he’s so ridiculous. Wearing a flying hat, goggles and patch work suit you can’t take him seriously. It’s difficult to be truly offended with such an unrealistic character.

His comedy revolves around women and getting sex. No curse word is left unsaid. No body part is left unmentioned.

This film is crude, lewd, vulgar, coarse, offensive and, most of all, funny.

The soundtrack is littered with some of Chubby’s best known songs from his stand up. Classic hits like I’m A Cunt, Backscuttle and Sick As Fuck! with a few of the lyrics changed to suit the film.

It isn’t clever but it is funny. I can’t stress that enough.

Roy “Chubby” Brown often gets labelled a dinosaur by the middle classes and it’s press but, so what? It worked then and it works now.

Running at under 80 mins it’s a very short film. His stand up video’s are only just an hour long.

Not unexpectedly the critics hated it but these are the same ones who hate him full stop. His fans love it.

With a better reception, Chubb’s may have been persuaded to make other films of this calibre but that’s highly unlikely, now. His only other foray into cinema was his feature length live show Chubby Goes Down Under which was reminiscent of Lenny Henry’s Lenny Live and Unleashed and Eddie Murphy’s Raw.

There’s very little you can say about this. It’s a laugh. Go with the flow.


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