Dir: Abe Forsyth, 2003



The true story of Australia’s most famous outlaw…

The Australian’s have done it again. They have created a comical masterpiece. This is up there with “Hercules Returns”.

It’s a belly aching, laugh a minute, riot.

Ned Kelly (Abe Forsyth) is the son of Irish immigrants who own a rubber farm. His father’s belief is that rubber is the future. When the time comes he will be able to hand the family farm down to, Ned. Alas, all Ned wants it to become “Australia’s premier outlaw magician”.

Ned joins the Hughes gang and participates in robbing banks to fund his magic career.

However, Ned and the gang are being chased by Governor Sinclair (Felix Williamson) and his army.

It’s silly, ridiculous, crude and very vulgar. This is what the Aussie’s do best. They are the unsung heroes of comedy.

Littered with contemporary references, they don’t feel out of place. They’re here for laughs.

Criminally, the film hasn’t been released outside its home country. It needs to be seen.

Numerous stars, well known to Australians make an appearance here. Cornelia Frances, of soap operas Sons and Daughters and Home and Away, fame, makes her mark as an Irish madam of a brothel. Comedian Chris Lilley, notably of Summer Heights High and Angry Boys, has a cameo as a customer at a bank. Abe’s dad, Drew (a popular comedian), is the narrator and, even, Jason Donovan turns up as a raucous, dancing priest.

Abe Forsyth is a master of comedy. I just really hope that he puts pen to paper and creates another film as rib breaking as this.

Host to so many quotable lines, you’ll be finding yourself repeating them.

Do whatever you can to get this. Beg, steal or borrow the DVD. You won’t be disappointed.



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