Dir: Tim Miller, 2016


deadpool (2)

The best superhero film of all time?

I’m not, really, a comic book fan. I’ve heard of the obvious ones, like Superman and Batman and their ilk, but that’s it.

I’d never heard of Deadpool. I had no idea who he was, or what he was like. So when it was announced that they were making a film, I was non-plussed.

Fortunately, I did a little bit of research on the character and started to become excited about the film. I had every reason to be.

Deadpool is a hysterically funny, comically violent bag of joy. From start to finish, it is an impeccable example of filmmaking.

Wade Wilson, a former black ops specialist, is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A secretive agent, by the name of “Smith”, approaches Wade and tells him that he can cure his cancer.

Wade is given the treatment which causes him to heal rapidly. The treatment destroys his cancer but causes him to be disfigured over his body.

Now, as Deadpool, he takes down the people responsible for his condition.

The humour is hilarious. Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall and totally acknowledges that he’s in a film, bewildering all the other characters.

Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of Reynolds when he first hit the scene. I thought Buried was awful. And he didn’t make much of an impression in The Amityville Horror remake.

Unfairly, I considered him on a par with Matthew McConaughey; rom coms with just an excuse to show off his abs.

However, Reynolds is wonderfully adept at comedy, rom com or not. He comes across as an extremely likeable person, who is more than happy to have a laugh and a joke, especially at his own expense. That’s a winner, in my book.

Self deprecating humour is some of the funniest types of comedy, there is. Deadpool is bursting with it. Ryan Reynolds is wonderful at this particular brand of humour. His digs at how crap The Green Lantern was, stand out, principally.

Inordinately violent and bloody, it’s all done with tongue in cheek, dancing to the tune of “we’re just messing”.

Everything, here, is played for laughs. Whether it’s sex, violence or just exposition, there’s a joke to be found in there.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that, the inevitable sequel, will be just as funny and clever.

Don’t miss it!



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