Dir: Peter Atencio, 2016


keanu (2)

I have no idea who Key & Peele are. Apparently, they had a sketch show, which was huge in America. As far as I’m aware, it wasn’t shown in Britain. But, please, tell me if I’m wrong.

Rell (Jordan Peele) is a waster. He enjoys smoking weed, but that’s it, really. His girlfriend, Maisie, has just left him.

Rell’s cousin, Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key), comes over to cheer him up.

Prior to Clarence’s arrival, a cat turns up on Rell’s doorstep. Immediately smitten, Rell takes him in and is cheered up in the process.

Previously, the cat belonged to a drug baron, who was murdered by the “Allentown” boys, a mysterious duo of hitmen.

On returning from a night out at the cinema, Rell and Clarence find that Rell’s home has been broken into, and the cat, Keanu, has been stolen.

After a bit of information has been passed their way, the twosome head to a strip club in the hope of getting the cat back from the owner.

Here, they then pose as the “Allentown” boys and go on drug deals, all in the hope of retrieving, Keanu.

The plot is simple. In fact, it’s formulaic. They’re fishes out of water. The Jump Street movies were much better.

Key is sporadically funny, as the not so black, black man, listening to George Michael. This was done so much more successfully with the character Don “No Soul” Simmons (David Alan Grier) in the sketch film, Amazon Women On The Moon. Without an ounce of street cred, he has to fumble his way through the ruse, looking like a prat while doing so. Comedy that has been done a hundred times, before.

Peele is, to a degree, the straight man to Key’s fool. He has a good idea how to react around drug dealers, and understands much of the lingo. But, this renders him, trivial.

Strangely, Peele co-wrote the film with Alex Reubens but gave all the best lines and scenes to Key, leaving nothing for himself.

Keegan-Michael Key is affable in his role as the straight laced, Clarence. Jordan Peele as Rell, not so much. You kind of find yourself not paying much attention to him.

Unfortunately, the cat doesn’t appear as much as you’d like. Being cute, and seeing it dressed up in all manner of famous film guises, a bit more screen time it may have helped the Keanu be a bit more palatable .

Overall, it’s not a bad film. There are one or two laughs in it. It’s just not one that deserves rewatching.



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