Point Break (2015)

Dir: Ericson Core, 2015



Awful remake of a, not particularly, good film.

Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 high octane, action film about surfing and thrill seeking bank robbers was a landmark in action cinema. Women directors were rare. Women directors directing action films was even rarer. Bigelow was still getting positive reviews for her horror, comedy, action flick Near Dark.

But, direct this she did, and became noticed as director to watch for.

So, twenty four years later, what’s the best thing to do? Remake something. And they chose this.

To say remake isn’t really fair. It’s got the name of the characters from the 1991 film and, obviously, the title but that’s it.

An updating might be a better term. Instead of bank robbers, they’re jewel thieves. They don’t just go surfing, they do EVERYTHING! Dirt track motorbike riding, surfing, jumping out of planes, skateboarding. You name it.

But it’s so boring. Extremely slow and you couldn’t give a toss about any of the characters. They are all instantly forgettable.

Even the title doesn’t really make any sense. Point break is a surfing term. It fits the originally, perfectly. But this, I’m not so sure.

This doesn’t have any of the violence or action scenes that was so prevalent in the first one. Bigelow does know how to direct action. Ericson Core, doesn’t.

Not all the blame can be laid at his feet, though. The script is drivel. He was working with crap to begin with. You can’t polish a turd.

Bigelow’s 1991 classic, earned itself an ‘R’ rating in America, a cut ’15’ certificate in the UK and uncut ’18’ on video. There is language, violence, gun blasts and blood spurts.

What have we got here? A ‘PG-13′ in the US and a ’12A/12’ in Britain. As you can imagine, with those ratings, there is very little blood, language or violence. To be honest, it’s not really an action film.

All the film boils down to is a bunch of heavily tattooed blokes, with well defined biceps, doing some sports.That’s it. Even the robberies don’t seem to play that much of a part.

The genius of the 1991 version, was the inventiveness of which the heists were carried out. Wearing rubber masks of ex presidents, they call themselves, The Ex Presidents. Execution of the robberies was pure showmanship.

In this, they simply ride through on bikes and nick everything. Yes. It’s that boring.

There isn’t really anything more to say about this. It’s just crap. Terrible. Atrocious (insert your own adjective, here).

Give it a miss. I can’t even tell you to go and watch the original because I didn’t like that, either. But, it’s certainly a notch up from this dross.



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