London Has Fallen

Dir: Babak Najafi, 2016


london has fallen

London Has Fallen is that rarity in cinema; a sequel that is better than the first one. But not by much.

Gerard Butler returns as secret service agent, Mike Banning. Aaron Eckhart is back again as the president of the United States and so is everybody else from the first film.

It’s basically a rehash of Olympus, only set in London. It’s got the same crap script, same irritating characters.

Banning is back as part of the presidents security team. British prime minister, James Wilson, dies unexpectedly of a heart attack in his sleep.

A state funeral is held, attended by forty of the world’s leaders, including the US president. Banning accompanies him as part of the security team.

During the procession, terrorists disguised as the police attack the leaders. It’s up to Banning to save the day.

The aim of the film is the same propaganda as the first one. America will always prevail over evil and show up the country’s defence forces.

There is plenty more action in this one. Unfortunately, the effects are abysmal. The CG is atrocious.

For me, one of the main issues is the characterisation. They are all dislikeable. How can you root for somebody you don’t like?

Maybe, if it wasn’t for the pro American message all the time, I might have enjoyed it more. But the feeling of America superiority that runs throughout the film is more than a little off putting.

Full of cliche’s, no originality, coupled with unforgiveable implausibilities make this 100 mins of borderline entertainment.



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