Olympus Has Fallen

Dir: Antoine Fuqua, 2013


Olympus-Has-Fallen-Quad-Poster-UK (2)

Unimaginative action film.

This is basically, Die Hard but set in the White House…only not as good.

Gerard Butler does his grimacing best in what can only be described as subpar.

Mike Banning (Butler) is the head of US secret service, assigned to protect the president (Aaron Eckhart). En route to a charity event, the car carrying the president skids out of control and crashes. Banning pulls the president to safety but the first lady (Ashley Judd) is unlucky and perishes.

Eighteen months later, Banning has been removed from his former position and is working in the treasury department., Korean terrorist, Kang Yeonsak, mounts an air and ground assault, taking

While the president is hosting the Korean prime minister, Korean terrorist, Kang Yeonsak, mounts an air and ground assault, taking over the White House and its occupants, hostage.

It is up to John McClane (sorry, I mean Mike Banning), to save the day.

It reads like a Die Hard knock off, it plays like a Die Hard knock off.

Butler can’t carry the film. He’s not an action star in this sense. He was very good in Law Abiding Citizen, but he can’t pull off the Schwarzenegger or Stallone type of role.

To be fair, even with Arnie or Sly, the film wouldn’t be very good. It’s just too generic. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Olympus Has Fallen TRIES to be something else. It THINKS it’s breaking new ground, when in reality, it isn’t.

It’s not very often you can say an action film is boring, but this is. There’s not enough action. Everybody is so mundane and irritating.

It attempts to be clever, by inserting a few twists here and there but you can see them coming a mile off.

There was so much potential for this film but it was handled horribly on all counts. The lacklustre characters, the stereotypical villains, the clunky dialogue. I’m wondering if it was meant for Steven Seagal.

A typical, propaganda film where the US is great and everybody else is bad. If it wasn’t for them, we would have lost the war, etc, etc. No opportunity is missed to spout, “god bless America”.

Uninspired, insipid and very dull.


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