Mad Foxes

Dir: Paul Grau (Paul Gray), 1981


Mad Foxes

I have no idea what to make of this film. How do you even categorise it?

A gang of Nazi bikers terrorise the streets. Hal incurs their ire by driving his flash and expensive car. Angered by this, they beat him up and rape his girlfriend/bit on the side/floozy/whatever.

Getting revenge on the gang, Hal ignites a bloodthirsty fight between him and the Nazi’s.

A very low budget, Spanish exploitation film, with numerous plot holes and girls with big boobs, not wearing a bra.

Silly, but fun, Mad Foxes is a mish mash of genres; biker films, Nazisploitation, soft porn, karate, action, you name it. This has, basically, everything the writer can think of, thrown in, regardless of whether it fits or not.

Characters are introduced and disposed of in quick succession, usually by violent means such as disembowelling.

A lot of the film is just an excuse to get some nudity on show. Seriously, the director uses any opportunity to get some cock on screen. Appropriateness doesn’t even fall in to it.

The hero, Hal, is a lothario. Anything female and he’s up it. In this film, women are depicted as easy and will drop their draws (if they actually bother to wear them) for any bloke they see, and, often, within minutes of each other.

Scored mostly by heavy rock music, a particular piece of instrumental music has echoes of Henry Mancini’s The Pink Panther theme.

You have to wonder if Heinz didn’t have a stake in the film. So much of what is clearly red sauce, is spilled it’s practically an advert.

On its release in Britain, the censors wouldn’t allow it through without heavy cuts. These cuts include; the sight of nunchakus, bloody violence and sexual assaults. After the reductions had been made, and ‘X’ certificate was dished out.

The film did surface on video in the eighties featuring the, already censored, UK print.

UK VHS release

Because the UK had enacted the Video Recordings Act in 1984, the VHS had to be withdrawn. The act decreed that any video released in Britain must be approved by the BBFC. Mad Foxes found its way on to the Director of Public Prosecutions list of “video nasties” but was soon removed. No distributor has submitted the film for a modern certificate on any format.

Ridiculous and daft, but enjoyable. It’s good for a watch, once, but any more than that, and the film would rapidly lose its appeal.


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