Dir: Henry Hobson, 2015



I don’t care for zombie films, with the exception of Zombie Flesh Eaters, of course. Maybe, that’s why I didn’t like it. But, I think, it’s more than that.

Maggie is not a horror film. It’s a drama. The storyline could easily about cancer or AIDS. It just happens to be about being infected by a zombie virus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of character in this. Some people are meant to play a certain type of role. With Arnie, its action films. Let’s be honest, his comedy films weren’t great, Cactus Jack and Kindergarten Cop, aside. But, even they are a bit naff in places.

America is struggling through the aftermath of an outbreak of a zombie virus. It’s a place of devastation and decay. There is no cure for the illness. Doctors know the symptoms and how it progresses.

When the patients reach a certain time, they are automatically quarantined for the safety of others.

Schwarzenegger is Wade Vogel. He has just spent two weeks looking for his daughter, Maggie (Abigail Breslin). Finding her in a hospital for infected people, he brings her home so they can live out her final weeks, together, with his wife (Joely Richardson), who is also Maggie’s stepmum.

Slowly, Maggie’s symptoms get worse and it soon becomes apparent that Maggie is going to turn.

This could be Beaches with zombies. There’s no action in it. Schwarzenegger isn’t a bad actor. He’s improved with age. And, this isn’t the first drama that old Arnie’s done. He was in the TV movie, The Jayne Mansfield Story.

But, it is a Schwarzenegger film and it’s about zombies, so I want to see what he does best. That’s why, I feel, he was wrong for the role. I understand that he wants to show more of his acting ability, but I don’t think that this was right for him.

The poster for the film has him holding a shotgun. It implies some level of action. But there isn’t any. The poster would have been better highlighting the drama side of it. My guess is, the distributors knew that people would flock to the film if it was about Arnie fighting a hoard of zombies and slapped a gun on the cover to accentuate that.

Aside from that, the film doesn’t work because it’s so dull. It’s so boring. I couldn’t get into the story. None of the characters is interesting. You don’t care about any of them.

I could get over all the issues I mentioned about it having no action and such because that’s my problem. I want a different movie to what this is. It’s like watching Love Story but expecting Shaun Of The Dead.

But, because I find it so uninteresting, I can’t get over any of that. I was glad when it finished.

It’s a drama with no heart or emotion.




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