My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Dir: Kirk Jones, 2016


my big fat greek wedding 2

Nia Vardalos’ sequel to her lacklustre 2002 film, is a huge improvement.

Toula (Vardalos) is still married to Ian (John Corbett) and they have a seventeen year old daughter, Paris, ready to start college.

Her family is as close as ever, and are continuing to run the restaurant.

The patriarch, Gus, is convinced that his bloodline goes back to Alexander the Great.

Searching through his old memories, he finds his wedding certificate but it hasn’t been signed, meaning that he and his wife are not legally married.

After an unfortunate bathing incident, Gus is sent to hospital. He proposes to his wife and another big fat Greek wedding is going to happen.

This film is so much funnier than the first one. There’s more jokes. The humour is sillier. It works.

The characters are more rounded out and given their fair share of comedy.

Whereas the first one played it safe with the family humour, this turns it up a notch and injects a little more ribald humour.

It’s a welcome addition to the comedy and provides lots of laughs. There is a lot of scope for old women talking about sex. You have to laugh at the embarrassment of it all.

Vardalos’ writing has improved in the fourteen years since the first one. She’s developed a real talent for comedy. If this is anything to go by, her future stuff looks promising. I hope she can keep it going.

The only weak character in the film is the daughter. Paris, is an archetypal teenager, continually embarrassed by her parents who, to be fair, aren’t actually bad. She comes across as a whining little brat. The scenes where she’s not in it are fun. Her presence brings the film down.

Overall, a feelgood and enjoyable movie that is great for a Saturday night.



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