Sausage Party

Dir: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon, 2016


sausage-feat (2)

An all-star cast lend their voices to this turgid piece of crap.

Packets of food in a supermarket, all talk to each other and speculate about the Great Beyond and the people that buy them as the Gods.

Eventually, they realise the truth that there is no Great Beyond and are simply murdered and eaten.

It’s a Seth Rogen written comedy which immediately tells you that it’s crap and full of unfunny vulgarity. I should have trusted to my instincts.

Rogen seems to be a revered comedy genius and I’m at a total loss as to why.

He wrote the aptly titled Superbad. The high point (or low, depending on how you look at it) had a girl having a period on Jonah Hill’s leg. Yeah, hysterical(!)

He’s also responsible for the drug comedy Pineapple Express. I say comedy, but, y’know…

Sausage Party is just the same only it’s animated.

Any opportunity to throw in a “cunt” or innumerable “fucks” isn’t missed. It isn’t funny, either.

Swearing in comedy can be stomach achingly funny if it’s done right. Roy “Chubby” Brown uses it all the time and it’s funny. Lee Evans uses it to great success.

But Rogen has no idea about comedy, full stop.

Of course, I can’t lay the entire blame at his feet. There were three other writers as well. Evan Goldberg was a co-writer on the aforementioned Superbad.  Here, you’ve also got Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir.

It’s clear that none of them is any good at writing things that are funny.

The whole film is not clever nor the humour original.

It’s shocking, the pool of talent that agreed to be part of this.

Award winning Edward Norton dons a Woody Allen voice for his starring role as a bagel named Sammy Bagel Jr. Salma Hayek is a lesbian taco. Kirsten Wiig is the hot dog bun to Rogen’s hot dog.

By now, you can imagine the sort of jokes that that pairing is going to conjure up. It’s all too obvious.

The trailer looks funny and shows so much promise. But, like so many others, the trailer betrays the actual film.

Boring, unfunny, crass and unforgivably shite!

A wasted opportunity.



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