Jungle Burger

Dir: Picha, Boris Szulzinger, 1975 (France), 1979 (USA)



A successful parody of Tarzan, or an immature schoolboy’s film?

Shame is the Tarzan character of the film. Along with his sidekick Cheapo (Fuzznuts), he sets out to rescue his love, June, from the clutches of the evil Queen Bazonga; a bald, fourteen breasted woman who wants to take June’s hair and have it for herself.

The plot is thin but it really doesn’t matter as it’s all about the jokes.

Any excuse to put some sex or nudity in is never missed.

Pischa crams the film with as much bad taste as he can.

June is shagging the monkey, Cheapo. Cheapo likes to masturbate while watching June being got at by the queen’s army of walking penises.

The backgrounds are shaped like vaginas and breasts.

It’s all cheap but quite funny.

The ridiculousness of the film and its characters dilutes any offence that could be taken at low brow humour.

Ribald and bawdy, Jungle Burger (or Tarzoon: Shame Of The Jungle as it was released in America) elevates the risque to clean dirt with its crude animation.

This isn’t a sex spoof. It’s a just a spoof that has sex in it to raise the tally of jokes.

Featuring cannibals, there is a small level of violence but, again, it’s played for laughs.

Pischa takes things to surreal levels from the start.

The army of cocks don’t have guns. The simply bounce up and down in a rhythmic motion, simulating masturbation and ejaculate acid. And they use their testicles to walk.

It’s bizarre, really, but the writers clearly had one thing on their mind when they wrote this and that was to have fun and have fun any way they can.

For its worldwide distribution, the distributors re-edited  down from 85 mins to 79 and had it re-dubbed  by several cast members of Saturday Night Live.

Among the cast of notable comedians are Bill Murray, John Belushi, Christopher Guest, Brian Doyle-Murray (Bill’s older brother) and Tarzan himself of the 30’s and 40’s, Johnny Weismuller, Jr as Shame.

It’s not consistently funny and, despite its short running time, does become to get tiresome and outstay its welcome.

Worth a watch just to pass the time but a real opportunity was missed.



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