The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie

Dir: Greg Franklin, 2010



Rarely seen in Britain, Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein’s Comedy Central cartoon is one of the most offensive things you will ever see.

The premise of the series was that eight cartoon characters were “drawn together” (get it?) to live in a house for a reality TV show.

Spoofing reality shows such as The Real World, the cartoons bickered, fought, shagged and,in some episodes, even killed each other.

Nothing was canon. They could die in one episode and reappear in the next one.

The cast were parodies of famous cartoons from different eras, drawn in the same style.

Captain Leslie Hero was modelled on the Charles Fleischer Superman comics of the 1930’s. Hero, however, is a sex obsessed deviant, with bisexual tendencies and a proclivity for perversion. Indulging in every fetish imaginable, he has even shown to have an interest in necrophilia and paedophilia.

Toot Braunstein is the Betty Boop-type pin up from the twenties. Drawn and inked in black and white, she is overweight, eternally hungry and can eat, literally, anything. From actual fridges to the characters, her stomach is a bottomless pit. To numb the pain of being fat with a high sex drive that no one wants, Toot self-harms, slicing chunks of skin from her thigh with an electric carving knife and taking a razor blade to herself. It is often implied that she has a penis.

Princess Clara has the archetypal look of a Disney princess. A religious zealot, Clara is the voice of bigotry. Being the daughter of a king and fabulously wealthy, she has no real concept of real life and cannot differentiate between offensiveness and general conversation. Racist, homophobic and any-Semitic, Clara thinks the book of Schindler’s List is a comedy and full of jokes.

Spanky Ham is a flash animation, designed deliberately to be crass and crude. Known for his loud and extravagant farts, Spanky has, on occasion, been shown to be the voice of reason.

Inspired by Spongebob Squarepants, Wooldoor Sockbat is a mishmash of surreal characters, many of them clearly references to Nickelodeon. An annoying character, he doesn’t really have a role and is there only to serve the bizarre like pulling instruments out of his behind.

Following the Pokemon craze, you have Ling-Ling, a Pikachu type creature who speaks garbled Japanese and loves to battle, ending with graphic results.

Purely for the diversity, Foxxy Love is the soul singing mystery solver. Reminiscent of Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats, Foxxy talks ghetto and is particularly useless at solving mysteries.

Finally, there is Xandir P. Wifflebottom, a gay take on computer game characters, such as Link. Effeminate and over sensitive, Xandir was on a never-ending quest to save his girlfriend. However, after accepting he was gay, the quest became a never-ending one to save his boyfriend but doesn’t actually make any effort to do any saving.

The head of the network (voiced by Vernon Wells) has sent out a cartoon erasing robot called I.S.R.A.E.L. (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) to eliminate Drawn Together.

That’s it, really, but the plot is inconsequential. The show revolves around vulgarity, shock and coarseness.

The language is raw with a liberal use of “fucks” and “cunts”, the sex is very near the knuckle including a POV from the vagina shot of a finger entering it. And, you have the option to watch it in 3D.

Drawn Together never shied away from controversy. It cherished it like a child to its mother’s bosom.

Tasteless and crass, the movie doesn’t quite hit the spot every time with its gags and is less successful than the show.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not funny. It is. Some bits are brilliantly funny. Unfortunately, the hit to miss ratio swings more to the miss.

Like all other shows that have made a transition to feature length, the film can’t sustain its running time. Parts drag and it struggles to fill the running time.

Shock humour, if done right, can be hysterical. The series, more often than not, hit the spot.

With the film, you kind of get the feeling that they put some shocking stuff in just to shock and forgot to make it funny. A gag at the start of the film concerning The Jew Producer masturbating over the housemates crushing kittens to death is one such example.

For its faults, there are many positives. The theme song at the end is great and will have you singing after the credits have rolled.

Some characters are stronger than others and have more potential for comedy. Captain Hero is the unofficial star of the series because of his, undeniably freaky, sexual kinks. This brings an unlimited stock of laughs. Clara and Xandir are also prime candidates to bring the laugh count up.

All in all, it’s worth your time. If you’re a fan of the series don’t be too hyped because you might come out of it feeling a tad disappointed.

Not as funny as the show but there’s still plenty of laughs to be had.



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