Deeper: The Retribution of Beth

Dir: Jeffrey Anderson, 2014


A good example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.

A journalist, Mark, is assigned to write a piece on Steve and John, two porno directors who travel around in a van picking up random girls off the street and getting them to have sex.

Of course, it’s all a set up but, for the sake of fantasy, it’s promoted as being real.

Picking two girls up, Beth and Sam, the directors are tortured and eventually murdered.

I had high hopes for this.

The girl on the cover doesn’t dress like that in any scenes whatsoever.

Nothing happens for ages. It’s just scenes of topless girls simulating sex with the guys. It’s all sleazy and you kind of get the impression that it’s an anti-porn film. Porn bad!

But, it’s totally hypocritical, as Anderson revels in the nudity and enjoys the depravity of it all, e mploying lingering close-ups on two girls kissing and groping.

The revenge theme reminded me of Even Lambs Have Teeth, which is a much better film and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

At times, Anderson doesn’t really know what side of the fence the film should sit on.

He condemns the sexualisation of women but then has Beth force Mark to sodomise one of the other guys.

What’s the purpose in it? Why did Beth do that?

It’s a confusing view point and one that Anderson isn’t sure of.

We are supposed to root for these women. They are the heroines, but the director just completely makes a hash of it.

Regardless of whether you agree with porn, it is consensual.

The backstory involves one of the guys drugging and raping Sam years before at college which is what triggers the attack.

But Mark is an innocent victim in all of this yet is tortured and killed and forced to rape a guy.

So, what is the film saying? That rape is wrong unless it’s in revenge?

We can’t cheer the two girls when they do stuff like that.

A morally incoherent mess with no guide to lead it or a path to follow.


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