Chubby Goes Down Under and Other Sticky Regions

Dir: Tom Poole, 1998



Self-appointed Britain’s bluest comedian, Roy “Chubby” Brown makes his second and last foray into cinemas with this recording of his stand-up tour of Australia and Asia.

Much like Eddie Murphy did with Raw and Lenny Henry with Lenny Live and Unleashed, Chubby takes his show to the big screen interspersed with footage of him travelling around the local towns and villages.

The film would have worked better without the “behind the scenes” stuff and travel show monologues but that’s not to say that it’s not funny.

Brown is a “like or loathe” comedian. If you find any of his stuff funny, you’ll enjoy this. If you find him to be a sexist, racist dinosaur then just stay away.

As usual for Chubby, anything is game for a laugh. His usual aim is on fine form, here, with women, sex and women again, being the main target.

The backdrop to his act has a woman with her legs spread, giving “birth” to Chubby, where he pops out through the curtains to rapturous applause. Seeing this, you know what you’re in for.

With a never ending assortment of “fucks”, “cunts” and “split-arses”, Chubby, single-handedly, has broken the swearometer and set cultural sensitivities back a hundred years.

Compared to some of his early work, this is a marker of a slow decline into familiarity and stretching of material but it’s still funny, even hysterical in some parts.

If you like down to earth, working class comedy from a man who couldn’t give a shit, then this is the film for you.

However, if you like safe, middle-class humour spouted by the likes of Michael McIntyre, then run away because you’re going to hate it.



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