Dir: Alex Chandon, Josh Collins, 1997



A film of artistic fantasy or camp trash?

A live action, underground comic book, Pervirella is a non stop orgy of tits and arses, yet, strangely, it’s dull at the same time.

The stunningly beautiful Emily Booth (billed here as Emily Bouffante) is the deliciously sexy Pervirella, a nymphomaniac only sated by the necklace she wears.

A mad queen has locked the country, Condon (yeah, I bust a rib, as well!) behind a wall and anybody indulging in sex is murdered.

The people who love sex form an underground cult where its leader, The Demon Nanny, gives birth to Pervirella.

It’s elemental of John Waters’ trashtastic Desperate Living with its plot of a queen ruling supreme and Chandon and Collins’s visual style.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the fun of a Waters film. The Pink Flamingos and Polyester director knows how to do over the top camp with fun but Chandon and Collins don’t.

Playing more like a student film, the two directors behave like film graduates without anybody to reign them in.

Despite its quota of Booth’s displayed flesh, it’s a very boring and unfunny film with no talent in the making.

I don’t know how they did it but, somehow, the production managed to rope in two well known stars of British television. The rhotacism inflicted, controversy baiting presenter Jonathan Ross makes a very brief cameo as does unfunny comedian and erstwhile presenter of The Word and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mark Lamarr. Both stars inclusion are totally pointless and do not raise so much as a smile.

Aside from looking at Emily Booth for the duration of the movie, there is nothing worthwhile about the film and the money could, and should, have been spent on something more worthwhile.

Imagine an even cheaper made Carry On…film, made in 1997 and more explicit, and you’ve got Pervirella.

Only, they were funny. This isn’t.



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