Blair Witch

Dir: Adam Wingard, 2016



Is it a crap reboot of a crap film or a much needed injection into the franchise?

Twenty years after the disappearance of his sister Heather, James Donohoe decides to go into the woods with his friends and a video camera and try to solve the mystery of what happened to his sister and the Blair Witch itself.

The original The Blair Witch Project was an interesting idea and energised the rare “found footage” genre.

But the execution was terrible. It was slow, dull and boring. The three main characters were dislikeable, there was very little horror and only a modicum of unease.

With intermittent blasts of jumps and creeps, the film was a colossal disappointment.

However, after the clever and easy going  You’re Next and enjoyable The Guest, Wingard displayed adroit skills and promising output that is going to be a benefit for cinema.

This is not one of those films.

All directors have a clunker or two on their resume and this one will be on his.

Blair Witch is a meandering slurry without any worthwhile interest and cannot hold your attention for more than a second.

Forgettable characters, played by forgettable actors who I’m not confident will reach ‘A-list’ status.

Boiling the film down to its basic concept, it’s just a rehash of the first one.

Blair Witch is more remake than a reboot.

To be fair, there’s only so much you can do with the Blair Witch legend. People go into the woods, get creeped out by an invisible presence  and wind up dead because of said entity.

Say what you like about the original’s sequel, Book of Shadows, at least they tried something different.

There’s no originality to the film. It’s a predictable slice of formulaic horror.

If you’ve seen The Blair Witch Project then you’ve seen this

Instantly forgettable and not worth the waste of your time.


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