Mechanic: Resurrection

Dir: Dennis Gansel, 2016



The five years late follow-up to 2011’s remake of a 1972 film, has a lot to live up to and the big question is, “can it do it?”

Living on a boat in Rio De Janeiro, Bishop (again, played by Jason Statham) is lying low and using the alias Santos.

Approached by a woman, Bishop is told that his services are required to assassinate three men.

The action scenes are good. They’re imaginative, exciting and harsh. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough of them.

Being cold-hearted, it’s shown in the 2011 film that the only human connection Bishop can get is by paying prostitutes.

In this, he sees Jessica Alba and falls instantly in love with her.

This is a change to the character of Bishop and one that holds the film back.

While we’re on the subject of changing characters, why is Bishop suddenly English? I know that Statham can’t do American accents but to completely change his nationality is a little jarring.

Looking beautiful and sexy, Alba is employed to spend her time in bikinis and revealing, tight dresses that have a habit of getting wet.

This in itself is not a problem. Alba is hot as hell and more than pleasing to the eye.

But, for the film, her character is redundant. She’s just a reason to make Bishop do what he has to.

Her entire role is limited to looking good and getting kidnapped. That’s it. They should have done away with the character as she doesn’t add anything of any value.

An odd choice for a role is martial arts expert, Michelle Yeoh.

Yeoh is in an ideal film to show off her skills but is left as a secondary character. Alba would have been better taking this part and writing out the one she does play.

Gansel tries to outdo the 2011 one by making the fight scenes a tad stronger and some stunts totally unbelievable.

As I’ve often said, you have to suspend your disbelief in an action film but some parts are just totally stupid.

It’s a good film and definitely worth watching, it just lacks what the previous entry had.

A missed opportunity but still fun.


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