Dir: Adam Mason, 2016



The found footage genre shows no signs of stopping or getting any better judging by this entry.

A masked intruder breaks into the house of the Miles family, sets up video cameras and hides away in the attic, watching their every move.

Just reading the plot should be enough to make you realise that the film is going to be a mess. Already, the plot holes are evident.

That’s the biggest problem with the film; the plot holes. There are far too many to count.

For a start, the masked man steals the car of the family from the car park while they are on holiday.

He uses the in car sat-nav to find where they live. The sat-nav doesn’t tell you which house it is but, instinctively, he knows.

To get in to the house he uses a rock and smashes the window. And nobody hears a thing. The family haven’t asked anybody to check the house up while they are away.

The intruder is able to take the car back and park it up without the family knowing.

Once in the house, the intruder is able to install what seems like hundreds of cameras without making a sound or mess.

Incidentally, where did he get the money from to buy all the equipment?

Storing himself away in the attic, the masked man sets a bank of monitors, all connected to the cameras, so he can watch them. Okay?

It gets better. The dad of the family (Jeremy Sisto), checks the attic when they return home after realising that they’ve been broken into. And finds nothing. Zilch. Somehow, the intruder was able to, in a split second, pack away the all the monitors and computers, stash them somewhere and hide.

Spying on the wife (Kate Ashfield), the intruder masturbates over a very fuzzy image of her side boob refelected in the mirror. He’s got all this equipment and knowledge to set everything up and doesn’t know how to get the internet for RedTube. Hmm…

He casually walks around the house at a snails pace and never gets caught, or makes a sound. Even the stairs don’t creak.

The man speaks to the son while he is sleeping, implanting thoughts into his head of his dad having an affair with wife’s friend, Melissa. And the son passes it off as a dream.

I don’t know how, but the masked man is able to follow the wife on to a tube train, film her and get back!

I don’t know much about the gun laws in America, but I do know that you can’t get a firearm the same day. The dad does. Or has there been a time lapse that we don’t know about?

He even kills a maintenance worker but doesn’t tell you what he did with the body. If he got rid of it, how? Where? Why doesn’t the house smell of rotting flesh?

And how, in God’s name, does nobody spot the millions of camera’s? They’re not that small and not particularly that well hidden.

Ultimately, where’s the ending? Why is he doing it? What’s his motive?

There are so many questions left unanswered, that it becomes just a constant stream of questions and takes you right out of the film.

It’s so frustrating to watch.

In all honesty, it wasn’t any good, to begin with but even if there was a modicum of enjoyment to be had, you’d have no chance of getting it because of the plot holes.

It’s clichéd, boring, uninvolving and totally ridiculous.

 Give it a miss. It’s absolute rubbish.


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