Dir: Mike Flanagan, 2016



Me and my missus were really keen to watch this.

The plot was a bit different and it seemed that it might have some action in it.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Maddie  is a writer living in a secluded house in the woods.

After contracting meningitis at thirteen, she was struck deaf and dumb and can only communicate via sign language.

She has amiable neighbours that check in and look after her.

A masked murderer torments her from outside the house and kills the neighbours with a crossbow.

Maddie has to survive using only her eyesight and no real chance of getting help.

Written by husband and wife, Siegal and Flanagan, Hush is an emperors new clothes film. The outside of the film looks good. It’s nicely packaged and draws your attention.

Underneath, though, is a different matter.

It’s a little bit clichéd. There’s certainly echoes of You’re Next, and other home invasion films.

Like other films of this ilk, the characters are frustrating.

There’s a scene where Maddie tries to load a crossbow but ends up ripping her fingers to shreds.

So, what do you do in that position?

That’s right. You carry on.

You don’t get a towel or anything else that might protect you, or improvise. No. You continue to slice your hands into ribbons.

There’s a trend in recent horrors for the perpetrators not to have a motive. Or, if they have, never to reveal it. This is no exception.

It’s an infuriating habit that needs to be broken. Knowing the motive, adds an extra layer to the film. Without it, you’ve got an unanswered question.

There’s no resolve or satisfying ending.

For a thriller it’s not very thrilling. There is a distinct lack of menace and thrills.

As a horror, it’s missing jumps and chills.

It does have a little entertainment value.

An adequate time filler, just don’t analyse it too much.

Okay for ninety minutes but eternally forgettable.


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