Don’t Breathe

Dir: Fede Alvarez, 2016


Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez, attempts to try his hand at horror/thriller combo but isn’t always successful.

Three teenagers break into houses using the alarm codes from one the dad’s security business.

The girl of the gang, Rocky (Jane Levy), is desperate to get some money so she can move out of her alcoholic mother’s home, with her younger sister, Diddy.

The trio receive a tip that the owner of a house received $300,000 in compensation for the death of his daughter.

Aware that the owner is an army veteran and blind, Rocky and her friends assume it will be an easy job.

But the blind man is not as vulnerable as they think and what is thought to be simple quickly turns into a night of terror.

As a thriller it’s not very thrilling. As a horror it’s not particularly horrific. So, what you’ve got, is a film borderline film that only just manages to keep your attention.

A big part of the film’s problem is the characters. We’re not really sure who to root for.

On the one hand you’ve got characters fighting for their life from a crazed madman but, on the other, they’re burglars trying to rob him and he’s only protecting his property.

At face value, most people would side with the blind veteran. But the filmmakers throw a twist in the works that make us hate him.

Alvarez wants us to feel for the veteran after the death of his daughter but wants us to hate him as well.

Why? What purpose does it serve?

There’s no one to root for so we don’t care. This hinders the film.

Don’t Breathe is, unfortunately, littered with plot holes and implausibilities.

Suspending your disbelief is pretty much accepted when you’re watching a film but this is a little too much.

It’s perfectly understandable that the blind man would know the layout of his house. But when things are put in his way he is able to walk around them or pick them up with ease.

He able to nail a great big wooden board to a window without even struggling.


A twist in the film is that the veteran has the girl who killed his daughter chained up in the cellar. He has impregnated her so she can replace the child she took away from him. And once she’s given birth, he’ll let her go.

And he doesn’t rape or have sex with her. I mean, he’s not sicko.

No, he just simply defrosts his sperm and injects it into her using a turkey baster.

Because that’s so much more morally acceptable!

What isn’t explained is how he managed to kidnap her and chain her up in the first place.

When she’s given birth, what did he think was going to happen when he’s let her go? Did he think she would just go home and forget about it? Not call the police?

Why is there no mention of the girl being missing?

When you start adding all these things up, you begin to see how much of a flawed film it is.

The running time is relatively short so it doesn’t drag or become too heavy which is very welcome.

It’s enjoyable on a basic level, just don’t look too deep.


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