The Voices

Dir: Marjane Satrapi, 2014



What genre is this? Black comedy, rom-com, psychological drama or all of the above?

Ryan Reynolds is Jerry, a manual labourer in a warehouse.

Living above a disused bowling alley, Jerry enjoys the comfort and companionship of his dog and cat, Bosco and Mr. Whiskers, respectively.

The girls in accounting see him as a cheerful, if somewhat weird, type of person.

Lisa (Anna Kendrick) has the hots for him, but Jerry likes Fiona (Gemma Arterton), an English girl.

What people don’t realise is that Jerry should be taking his very heavy medication.

Jerry can talk to his pets. Bosco is the calm and peaceful side of his mind and Mr. Whiskers (with a Scottish accent) is the violent and cynical side.

Giving Fiona a lift home, Jerry runs into a deer. The deer tells him to put him out of his misery so slits it’s throat, freaking Fiona out.

Running away from him, Jerry chases after her but accidentally stabs her to death several times.

Covering his tracks, he takes the body home and dismembers it, placing her head in the fridge so they can still talk.

Slipping further away from reality, Jerry soon ends up with Lisa’s and their co-worker’s head in the fridge. All talking to him.

I was pleasantly surprised, but The Voices is funny little indie comedy.

Ryan Reynolds is his always likeable, comedic self.

A great comic actor, Reynolds really should do more comedy. He isn’t scared to look silly or to laugh at his own expense.

Gemma Arterton looks incredible but seems a tad out of place. The whole character doesn’t fit right.

On a positive note, Arterton does get to keep her natural English accent, rather than be forced to drop it in favour of an American one.

The Englishness of Fiona counteracts the American one of the other actors and gives the movie an extra interesting side.

Anna Kendrick, on the other hand, feels like she belongs and sits comfortably. Her natural quirky and kooky demeanour twinned with good looks make her a great pairing with Reynolds.

The Voices is letdown by some characters unrealistic actions.

Fiona and Lisa’s co-worker goes to Jerry’s home despite universal thinking among the workforce that he might be involved in the girls disappearance.

Aside from these one or two little flaws, the movie is an amusing and enjoyable romp that ambles along at a steady pace, keeping the enjoyment level rolling .

Be sure to catch this one.


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