I Spit On Your Grave 2

Dir: Steven R. Monroe, 2013


This review is of the uncut version

Monroe is at it again, baiting censors with graphic scenes of rape and violence in this, in name only, sequel.

Katie (Jemma Dallender) is a waitress who wishes to be a model.

She answers an advert for a free photo session run by three Bulgarian brothers.

After a disagreement with the photographer, Katie leaves the shoot and returns home.

Later, one of the brothers arrives at Katie’s home and apologises for the incident.

Waking later in the night, Katie finds the same brother filming her. She attempts to flee but is captured and raped.

The brothers chain her up and rape and torture her.

Managing to escape, Katie finds her way to a police station where she is put in touch with a rape crisis counsellor.

However, the counsellor is, in fact, the mother of her abusers and takes her back to them.

After being raped again, Katie is left for dead but is able to get away.

Recovering from the ordeal, Katie seeks out her rapists and takes revenge.

This has no relation to any of the I Spit On Your Grave films aside from the director of the 2010 remake.

For the sequel, Monroe goes straight for the exploitation angle.

He made this film to shock. Not to encourage any sort of debate or raise a moral point, just to shock.

Dallender is put through her paces, here, with her character being raped over and over again, sodomised, urinated on, beaten and her vagina assaulted with an electric stun gun.

The director shows all this in detail with, what seems like, a sadistic glee.

The ex-Hollyoaks actress does very well as the survivor and dons an impressive American accent.

Credit must be given for her willingness to endure the humiliations Monroe puts her through.

Starring as one of the brothers, we have another soap star, ex-Eastenders actor Joe Absolom.

As a rape and revenge horror, Monroe delivers the goods and the film does its job.

It satisfies the bloodthirst and pleases the desire for repercussion.

Unsurprisingly, the film didn’t make it through uncut in Britain.

The distributors, Anchor Bay, sought an advice viewing from the UK fascists, sorry, I mean censors, expecting cuts would be needed.

Not one to disappoint, the censors explained that 27 cuts would be have to be implemented before an ’18’ certificate would be given.

Anchor Bay obliged and made the cuts, removing a good majority of the sexual violence and humiliation that is forced upon Katie.

For the DVD release, the distributors chose to highlight the horror side of it and play down the sexiness of the lead actress. Have a look:

UK DVD cover

Comparing this with the censored US poster that tried to find a balance, it’s full and lame:

Censored US poster. Notice the odd positioning of the hands.

The poster was changed in different territories. This is the Australian poster:

Australian poster

It’s blatant overt sexuality is clearly the selling point.

But, over in Japan, however, where they don’t give a shot about the combination of sex and violence, they just went all out with it:

Japanese poster

And this one:

Japanese poster version 2

Some countries got a mish mash of the two:

Notice the knife instead of the stun gun and semi exposed breast.

As you can see with this German poster, Dallender’s almost exposed breast, dripping blood, injuries and knife on display, the distributors sexed the violence and horror up to titillate the audience.

These are great examples of how different countries treat the delicate subject of rape and the public’s reaction to it in the media.

Steven R. Monroe directs this second entry in the franchise wondering how far he can go.

Focusing on the sexual element of the rape, it often feels like he’s trying to make a grindhouse picture or an American pink movie.

Sexual violence is an horrific thing but Monroe completely abandons the truthfulness of it and uses it to try and arouse the audience in the manner of a porno fantasy.

It’s an okay film, incorporating the usual cliche; Eastern European’s indulging in abusing women.

No worse than it’s predecessor,  I Spit On Your Grave 2 isn’t any better, either.

Good for a watch once but you, probably, won’t bother again after that.


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