I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine

Dir: R.D. Braunstein, 2015



The first true sequel to any of the franchise entries, I Spit On Your Grave3 takes a different route than its predecessors.

Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) has moved on with her life after the horrific ordeal she experienced in I Spit On Your Grave.

No longer a writer, Jennifer attends group counselling sessions to help her with the rape, now using the alias Angela.

Because of the assault, Jennifer is,now, misandric and firmly believes that all men are bad.

At one of the sessions, she meets another victim named Marla and the pair begin a friendship.

Marla also shares Jennifer’s misandry and anger towards a lack of punishment for offenders.

The two girls begin a spree of murder, exacting revenge on rapists and would-be-rapists.

But Marla is killed and the police fail to arrest or convict her murderer.

Seething with rage, Jennifer roams the streets and bars, enticing rapists that have escaped the law to their death while the police are closing in on her.

This is greatly superior to the rest of the films in the series, including the original.

The previous entries all tended to focus on sexual violence, using explicit detail to shock.

Braunstein scales the violence back, significantly, and highlights the thriller aspect of it over the horror.

Going for true revenge, here, the director puts more effort into emphasising the action or thriller side of the film.

This creates a better and more satisfying movie.

Although the earlier films in the series were good, they were bogged down by the graphic rape scenes which detract from the overall ability to enjoy the films.

Sarah Butler reprises her role as Jennifer from the 2010 film and does a great job with recreating her previous character and, at the same time, breathing new life into it.

Typically a grindhouse flick, this third entry in the notorious rape and revenge series manages to successfully tread the line of exploitation and legitimate, mainstream cinema.

It has enough in it to sustain the thriller fix and a gore quota to fill the horror crowd.

Men, be prepared to wince.

This is the best of all the films bearing the I Spit On Your Grave title, ticking all the right boxes as it plays.

Where the director of the second film took a rather misogynistic approach and just targeted the shock factor, Braunstein redresses this and presents a more balanced film.

A solid movie that is well worth your time.

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