The Bunny Game

Dir: Adam Rehmeier, 2010



As soon as this film was mentioned it was obvious that the British censors were not going to let it through and (surprise, surprise) they didn’t.

Bunny (Rodleen Getsic) is a streetwalker who is picked up by a trucker.

He ties her up in the back of his lorry and tortures her until she escapes.

That’s the plot. It’s total rubbish.

Written by Getsic and Rehmeier, The Bunny Game serves no purpose and has, absolutely, no redeeming features.

A lot of films have this kind of plot but there’s, usually, an attempt at a pay off for it.

It’s justified so the female lead can exact her revenge and give the bad guys a satisfactory punishment.

But, not here.

There is no revenge or pleasing resolve, leaving us with a snuff porno.

Very little of this film is faked. What you see, is what you get.

Opening the film with a hardcore scene of fellatio performed by Getsic, we are treated to sights of her pissing in the street, being branded, shaved and all other types of humiliation and pain.

Filmed in black and white for “artistic effect”, Rehmeier has his head shoved so far up his arse he can see what he had for breakfast!

The duo are, nothing more than, pretentious prats with a distinct lack of talent and would make a balls up of filming a holiday video.

A true travesty of cinema, this inane pair should be prohibited from ever picking up a camera again.

I hate Rodleen Getsic! I’ve never met her or had even heard of her before this film but, reading interviews, she’s a smug, irritating and fatuous imbecile, inflated with her own sense of self importance with a belief that The Bunny Game is some sort of cultural masterpiece.

Avoid this film, and her, like the plague.



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