Dir: Koji Shiraishi, 2009


Misunderstood classic horror or just simple exploitation?

Two young people on a date are kidnapped and brutally tortured for the excitement of their captor.

This film doesn’t have any other agenda other than to have a bit of gory fun.

Eli Roth did it with Hostel. There was very little plot to that. It was just soft porn with lashings of violence.

But that was accepted and, strangely, this isn’t.

Ridiculous and over the top, Grotesque is a comedy at its heart.

The violence is sadistic and will make most people wince but the humour waters down the real nastiness of the sadism.

You could argue that Bottom or even Home Alone is sadistic but the comedy is so blatant and obvious that makes you laugh.

For Grotesque the comedy is very subtle and can be missed but it is there.

This completely bypassed the BBFC who’s immediate response was to ban it.

It’s not a particularly strong film in terms of violence. A lot worse is shown in the Saw series and Hostel II but the theme, somehow, upset them.

They’re a funny old bunch, the BBFC.

In all honesty, Grotesque is not a good film. It’s dull and uninteresting. Violence for violence sake offers no thrills. It needs something to back it up and provide a justification.

Insipid and unoriginal.



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