Bad Moms

 Dir: Jon Lucas, Josh Moore, 2016



Is this misandric rubbish or women getting their own back?

Stressed up and overworked mum Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is at breaking point in her life.

Working as a part-time sales rep for a coffee company, Amy always works more than full time and never gets paid the extra.

Along with this, Amy has to attend PTA meetings held by the uptight and nasty Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate).

Spiteful and unpleasant, Gwendolyn rules the association with an iron fist and will stop at nothing to get her own way.

Plus, Amy also has to do her son’s homework, take her daughter to football practice, cook tea and….y’know what? I’ll just say be a mum.

And it isn’t easy.

This film is just giving mums a break. It’s a film that realises the dreams and fantasies of mothers.

There’s been some criticism aimed at its, supposedly, anti-dad theme or the non-existent misandry that people imagine is there.

To a degree, I can see where they’re coming from. If the genders were reversed, all the feminazis would waddle out in droves denouncing the film and picketing etc.

But that doesn’t mean that this film shouldn’t be. There will always be jokes at each genders expense. This is women just having a laugh. As men, we’ve got balls so let’s use them and man up.

Why shouldn’t mums be able to let their hair down? They’re human beings and, as such, are afforded the same rights to a break and a bit of fun like everybody else.

Kathryn Hahn as the slutty Carla is the absolute star. Hilarious and carefree, Hahn gets the best jokes and raises the film from being amusing to funny.

Mila Kunis is her usual whiny self. Whenever I hear that voice, all I can picture is Meg Griffin. The film would work much better without her and somebody else playing the role.

Kirsten Bell is another that overshadows Kunis. Meek, downtrodden and with low self-esteem, it’s increasingly funny to see her as Kiki releasing all this pent up emotion and, rather worrying, psyche.

The only real issue I have with the film is one I have with many American female-led comedies; the attitude towards circumcision.

As someone who’s English, it’s odd (if not insulting) to hear American women talk about how freaky and scary it is that someone might have a foreskin.

The procedure is not commonly carried out in Europe except for religious reasons or if there is a medical condition.

Most men in Britain have a foreskin. For us, it’s the norm so it is a little bit offensive to hear girls from the US act like it’s totally unnatural and we’re freaks if we have one.

But it’s only a minor niggle and isn’t intended to be offensive or insulting. It’s just a difference of cultures.

If you want a film that isn’t demanding and offers some easygoing laughs then give it a go.

It’s great Saturday night entertainment.


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