Vengeance Day (aka Footsteps)

Dir: Gareth Evans, 2006


They always say never judge a book (or, in this case, film) by it’s cover.

But when the cover is a complete lie and the synopsis on the back is total fabrication, you would be forgiven for judging the sort of film you’re going to get.

A mysterious figure known only as Cameraman, works for a shady company that films assaults and murders and then sells them.

Andrew was a happy young man with a girlfriend and loving family.

However, all that changes when his dad is a victim of Cameraman and is left in a coma in the hospital.

Now full of anger, Andrew pushes the people in his life away.

Eventually snapping in a nightclub, Andrew is recruited by the Cameraman to assist with the company’s “business”.

Realising what the company do, the young lad uses his anger to stop what they do.

Let me just start by saying that the two people on the DVD cover above, DO NOT appear in the film at any time. There is no gun, like the one he’s holding, anywhere in the movie.

The title and the cover totally misrepresent the film. Distributors, Metrodome, have a lot to answer for.

It’s strongly implied, that Vengeance Day is going to be a revenge thriller akin  Death Wish or The Punisher.

Nope. What we have is a very slow thriller, with a mercifully short running time of around 77 minutes.

After seeing the superb The Raid and The Raid 2, I was seriously stoked to see this film.

I absolutely love a good vigilante action movie and thought this would be along those lines.

How wrong I was.

This is a slow, meandering and boring film that is such a disappointment after seeing the Raid films.

Nothing like the cover implies, happens in the movie. And it doesn’t rain.

Evans, clearly, has a knack for action and can be forgiven as this is one of his early films.

But the issue is with the marketing. This is the UK distributor’s doing.

Although a Welsh film, it was released in America and under its original title of Footsteps.

With the success of The Raid and its sequel, the UK rights were bought, re-titled to Vengeance Day (to hype it up as an action film) and released on DVD.

This is false marketing of the worst kind.

There was so much potential for this film.

A terrible mess.



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