Mr. Right

Dir: Paco Cabezas, 2015



Times change and, along with that, so do film genres. Mr. Right is a great example of ‘chick flicks’ have evolved, entirely, into something else.

Martha (Anna Kendrick) is ditzy, kooky and bubbly.

She’s just found her boyfriend cheating on her and is now single.

I’m the local shop, Martha bumps into Francis (Sam Rockwell). Francis is a ‘reverse’ hit man; he murders the people who hired him and not the target.

The hit man never lies to Martha about killing people, but she always assumes he’s joking until that is, she sees it with her own eyes.

FBI agent, Hopper (Tim Roth), is out to get Francis and are old workmates.

A Mafia kingpin also wants Francis and kidnaps Martha in an attempt to lure him in.

At its heart, Mr. Right is a rom-com. Newly single girl finds love in an odd and eccentric guy.

But, it’s not filled with all that schmaltzy, lovey-dovey stuff that chick flicks have been churning out for the past twenty years.

Chick flicks were so called because of their appeal towards women. The humour was female orientated and they tapped into the female psyche.

The past few years have shown us that that has all changed.

It’s now okay for men to enjoy chick flicks. The comedy in these films is universal across the sexes.

Whether it’s Bridget Jones’s Diary or What Happens In Vegas, there’s always something for guys to laugh along with.

Mr. Right has it all. Blood, action, guns, fighting, swearing, love, comedy. And it works.

Kendrick is adorable in all the roles she plays. Her characters are always fun, and happy go lucky. There is something about her that draws you to her.

Rockwell is brilliantly funny as the hit man. Never breaking a sweat, he shoots and punches his way through the film, all the while being friendly to the people he’s about to kill.

And, then, there’s the always brilliant Tim Roth. Keeping his character as naturally English, it’s a welcome facet to the film.

Employing British lingo, Roth glides his way through the film, stealing every scene he’s in.

Uttering “bollocks”, “twat” and (my personal favourite) “you daft cunt”, Roth stands out and overshadows everybody.

It’s such a fun film that has plenty of laughs and  there’s an inordinate amount of enjoyment to be had with it.

Seek it out, get a takeaway, settle down and enjoy.


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