Down Under

Dir: Abe Forsythe, 2016


When I heard that Abe Forsythe had a new film coming out, I was pretty excited.

As the writer and director of the stomach achingly funny Ned, it was only to be expected that he would deliver the goods again.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, he’s unable to draw out many laughs with its very serious story.

Set a few days after the 2005 Cronulla riots in Sydney, Down Under focuses on rival gangs a Lebanese family’s retaliation.

Violent and foul mouthed, the film, brilliantly, portrays the anger and racism that was prevalent to the cause of the riots.

Forsythe has a little trouble with the dialogue and resorts to having the cast shouting “fuck” and “cunt” at each other.

It’s all very realistic, but is seldom funny.

As a drama, it’s incredible. Raw, honest and powerful. The film would have been much more satisfying had the director taken the attempts at humour out and left us with the unfiltered emotion that was coursing through the veins of Sydney at the time.

Abe Forsythe is a genius at the silly and inane. Naturalist comedy, not so much.

The racism that is prevalent in the characters, put me in the mind of Romper Stomper, only less violent and aggressive.

Down Under has good points and bad points. Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good.

Not a bad watch, but not fantastic. You’d be better off watching Ned.


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