The Whole Truth

Dir: Courtney Hunt, 2016


Straight to DVD drama, that’s a time filler for the actors.

Mike Lassiter is a 16 year old, on trial for murdering his dad (Jim Belushi).

Family friend Richard Ramsey (Keanu Reeves) defends Mike in court with his junior assistant, Janelle.

This is a pure, run of the mill courtroom thriller.

You won’t find any surprises, here.

Hunt tries to load the film with twists and turns, but you’ll guess the outcome before you’ve reached the twenty minute mark.

Reeves isn’t at the top of his game in this. Wooden and monotone, he doesn’t display any emotion and isn’t believable as a lawyer. Pee-Wee Herman as Travis Bickle is more real.

Riding a motorbike, his character is depicted as someone who is unique but it doesn’t work.

Looking a million miles from Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger is the accused’s mum.

Employing her genuine southern drawl, Zellweger sleepwalks her way through the film, betraying the true nature of her character with inertia.

Most of the actors in this, are criminally underused, none more so than Belushi.

Selfish and abusive, Belushi does a great job of making the viewer hate the character.

Given little screen time, the younger sibling of the late Blues Brother, John, outacts the entire cast and deserves to be given more to do.
Despite the negativity, it’s an okay watch.

A ninety minute run time, ensures that it doesn’t drag on and courtroom films are, always, good fun.

From Inherit The Wind through The Verdict, Nuts and any John Grisham film, two lawyers battling it out in the name of justice is forever a good sell and guarantees a level of entertainment.

Good for a Saturday night.


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