Plan 9

Dir: John Johnson, 2015


Remake or homage?

A director is attempting to remake Ed Wood’s cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Space, when the events of the film be one real.

This film is so bad. The original is universally mocked and derided for its ineptness, but that’s Citizen Kane compared to this.

Being contemporary, Plan 9 has a script brimming with gore and flashes of boobs, plus the obligatory lashings of the ‘f’ word.

Director Johnson will, undoubtedly, use the excuse that his film was made deliberately bad to match Wood’s 1956 movie.

However, it’s an excuse that I don’t buy. The film is, truly, awful because of the lack of talent involved.

Featuring a cast of no-names, the best that Johnson can get is an z-list actor who has a respectable CV and an internet star called The Angry Video Game Nerd (using his real name, James Rolfe).

But, every cloud has a silver lining and praise is due for the rather clever special effects. With a budget running into only the thousands of dollars, the effects team do an impressive job with the limited resources.

Aside from that, Plan 9 is the tour-de-force in crap. An insipid and unwatchable mess, that should never have been financed.



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