Dir: David DeFalco, 2005



This review is of the uncut version

Let’s not beat about the bush; Chaos is a complete rip-off of Wes Craven’s Last House On The Left.

Director Defalco, even has the audacity to claim it’s an original idea. Hmm…yeah, I’ll buy that!

A quartet of criminals rape and torture two teenage girls before murdering them in a forest and seeking refuge at one of the girls’ houses.

Chaos is a vile, crass, shallow excuse for soft core rape porn.

Craven’s original upset censors, the world over, with its scenes of explicit violence but Defalco just wants to make something shocking and tries to nauseate the audience.

Upping the horrific display of torture found in the 1972 original, Defalco throws every offensive and sickening act he can think of, just because he can.

Nipples being sliced off and eaten, sexually assaulting corpses, knives plunged into flesh and lingering shots of violations.

Violence for violence’s sake does nothing for me. I don’t see the point, to be honest.

But, if you are going to make something as revolting as this, don’t remake a brilliant original and pass it off as your idea. All that Defalco has made is what he drops in the toilet, first thing in the morning.

Badly acted, poor and boring, Chaos is an exercise in cynicism, by a talentless director with the sole intent of creating something that allows him to take pleasure in the accolade that he has made a, unforgivably, decrepit film.
Not a shred of this mess is his own idea. From the poster to the plot, everything about this film is a knock-off.

Compare the posters for this film and the 1972 release:

I think you’ll agree, that there is more than a little bit of inspiration at work.

There’s nothing much more you can say about this wretched, turd of a film aside from David Defalco should never be allowed to wield a camera, again.

Awful, grotesque. Don’t waste your time.


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