Golden Years

Dir: John Miller, 2016


A sleeper of a British film, Golden Years flew under the radar and didn’t make any impact.

Bernard Hill and Virginia McKenna are Arthur and Martha, respectively. Two elderly people, they are fed up with the way the aged are treated by the powers that be.

However, Arthur accidentally knocks a cash security officer unconscious and makes off with the money.

Following this, Arthur and Martha decide to start robbing banks.

Co-written by TV’s DIY S.O.S presenter, Nick Knowles, Golden Years is a rather fun little film, that doesn’t tax the brain.

Silly and enjoyable, it has a statement to make about the deficit, the pensions crisis, the elderly and Britain as a whole.

Like modern day Robin Hood’s, Arthur and Martha steal from the rich who stole it from them (the banks) and give it to people who need it (their friends).

Starring highly respected British actors of stage and screen, Golden Years doesn’t allow the stalwarts much opportunity to flex their talent but there’s no need to. It’s a very easy-going affair, that is more of a time filler for the cast than anything of note.

Short and sweet, it’s a likeable ninety minute jaunt, with several giggles along the way.

A great afternoon’s watch.


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