Welcome To Me

Dir: Shira Piven , 2016


A rather off film that is faintly reminiscent of  The Truman Show.

A lottery winner with a personality disorder, Alice Klieg (Kirsten Wiig) spends her fortune on creating a TV show that she stars in and delivers autobiographical monologues about her life, with actors acting out past scenes.

Viewers of the show are treated to Alice’s on air mental breakdowns, strange behaviour and her psychological imbalances.

Welcome To Me is a dramedy; a tragic tale of a woman who cannot cope with life.

There are instances of humour and several scenes will make you smile, but the film lags and drags itself to its uneventful ending.

We don’t really care about Alice or her behaviours. The audience isn’t given a chance to feel for her and none of her illness is an excuse for the way she acts.

Selfish and self-centred, Alice is too obsessed with her needs and the film doesn’t convince you that it’s because of her condition.

Tim Robbins puts in a very listless performance as Alice’s psychiatrist but appears as though he doesn’t want to be there.

Cold and unemotional, Alice has a hyper sex drive and will shag anything.

Many of her idiosyncrasies are not explained or reasoned, such as walking nude through a Las Vegas casino.

A curiosity piece and not one that will impress.


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