The House Of The Devil

Dir: Ti West, 2009


Not many horror movies, today, gain the recognition and critical acclaim that Ti West’s The House Of The Devil did.

An homage to 80’s horror films, West successfully recreates the look and style of everything that made up an 80’s horror.

Unfortunately, he forgot to put in any actual horror or suspense.

A dismally drab hour and a half, where nothing happens. Aside from one quick shot where a girl is shot in the face, there is a severe lack of gore and pacing which is a major shame as West shows so much potential.

The attention to detail that went into reproducing the eighties feel is exemplary and deserves the praise that it’s earned.

But, as entertainment, it fails so badly. It’s uninteresting, the characters are insipid and bland and the only sense of dread that West can muster is from looking at how much of the film you’ve still got left to watch.

Although West is making an eighties film, he should be well aware of what makes a film work. It’s only an eighties film in style. Contemporary mechanics must be applied to create a successful horror movie.

Following the atypical cliches of the genre, West has the lead actress investigating rooms alone and not turning on the light switch.

And what’s the deal with only taking one bite out of a pizza slice before leaving it?

Hey ho! There’s very little left to say about this. In fact, there’s very little you can say at all. It’s just a dreary and dreadful film that should have been so much more.

A wasted opportunity.


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