Get Out

Dir: Jordan Peele, 2017


By and large, contemporary horror films tend to have the same story and follow the same directional path. They’re almost facsimiles of each other.

But, every once in a while, you find a gem hidden amongst the rubbish. Get Out is a real diamond of a film.

Chris and Rose are an interracial couple, who visit Rose’s parents to introduce Chris to them. However, Chris soon finds things a tad strange and askew with the whole town.

First time director, Jordan Peele, has created a brilliantly creepy and intriguing mystery/ horror, taking inspiration from several films, and still making it seem fresh and original.

Get Out has a strong vibe of The Stepford Wives about it, only without the misogyny. Peele makes his inspirations blatant and makes no apology for it. The film is, clearly, a homage to classic horrors.

However, there is a certain degree of reluctance to categorise the film as a horror. It doesn’t follow the usual course that works of that genre take.

Definitely, there are the occasional steps down the well trodden path, but Peele needs to venture there to make everything work.

But it’s not a horror in the conventional sense. Much like Jonathan Demme’s The Silence Of The Lambs, Peele’s movie is more psychological thriller with horrific moments, punctuated by terror. Very few people would place Demme’s film in the horror genre and should take the same approach with this

The cast all play their parts brilliantly, with no exceptions. Each and every member, exude a creepiness and off colour tone, making the viewer feel less and less 91st ease.

Easily, Get Out one of the best films this year and, certainly, one of the best thrillers this decade.


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