Swearnet: The Movie

Dir: Warren P. Sonoda, 2014


Swearnet_poster (2)

Proudly receiving the honour of being entered into The Guinness Book Of World Records for most F-words used in a film, the trio from smash-hit TV show, Trailer Park Boys, appear complacent in being the most offensive guys on television.

Swearnet: The Movie has over 930 uses alone of the word “fuck”. Add in all the other cuss words, and the total ventures well into 1000 and something or other.

Fed up with only being noted for their roles in Trailer Park Boys, the actors pitch new ideas to networks who only want them to do more series’ of what made them famous.

After an unsuccessful pitch for a new TV show, the boys are informed that they swear too much.

Taking this on board, the three friends start their own network on the web where censorship doesn’t apply and swearing is the focus.

Swearnet: The Movie is an interesting idea that confronts the conservative values of an ultra-sensitive America, and the ideology behind censorship. However, the execution of it all is wrong and the humour falls flat.

If it’s done right, swearing can be funny. Noted working class blue comedians such Roy “Chubby” Brown, Bernard Manning, Jimmy Jones and Jim Davidson, employ a stream of cuss words to emphasise the ribald nature of the offensive humour and allow an audience to relate.

But, just saying “fuck”, or any of its derivatives, isn’t all that funny. It becomes tedious. The overuse, lessens the power to shock and, ultimately, becomes its own worst enemy.

I believe it’s fair to say, that Swearnet: The Movie will have more of an impact in the States than anywhere else. It’s important to remember, or be aware of, that swearing is permitted on terrestrial British television, even at its strongest levels.

People in the UK, don’t find swearing all that offensive, anymore. Many of our programmes, are littered with “fucks” and “cunts”. Whereas the US protects their citizens from such atrocities behind Pay Per View, the same programmes air in the Britain for free and uncensored. Celebrated shows such as Sex & The City or The Soprano’s are viewable after nine o’clock at night.

Looking at things from that angle, Swearnet: The Movie isn’t in the least bit shocking and fails to achieve what the film set out to do.

But, it’s also a comedy. So the big question remains; “is it funny?”.

Sadly, I’m going to have to reply in the negative.

Parts of the film ARE amusing, I have to be honest. A live broadcast of a bloke’s cock, slamming into a camera lens is quite comical. The rest of the film, however, feels so forced. They want to shock but are unable to.

The argument of the film is that people swear in real life. Sure enough, they do. But, nobody swears to the amount that is depicted in this.

Although deliberately absurd and over the top, it doesn’t detract from the inanity of overusing cuss words and lessening their power.

At times, the film confuses its realities. The cast play fictional versions of themselves, and acknowledge that Trailer Park Boys was a series and they played the characters. Yet, the actors are shown talking to the characters of the show. So, what? Are they characters or real people? Did the actors not play them?

Ultimately, a rather juvenile film with low brow humour reminiscent of a schoolboy’s immaturity.

Occasionally funny.


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