Wonder Woman

Dir: Patty Jenkins, 2017


After the atrocity that was Batman Vs. Superman, you could be forgiven for being sceptical and approaching this with caution.

Thankfully, our fears were not realised as Wonder Woman seems to have learnt from the mistakes of its predecessor.

Although it’s taken many a year, adaptors of comic book heroes have realised that the campness of the source material actually works against itself.

Wonder Woman could so easily have been a laughable movie. The comic strip itself is a bit silly at times. But under the direction of Patty Jenkins, the character is everything she should be. Strong and fearsome, Diana Prince stands shoulder to shoulder with the other heroes that have so, unfairly, dominated the DC universe.

In her first leading role, Gal Gadot is simply magnificent as the Amazonian warrior. Stunningly beautiful, Gadot embodies everything that the super heroine is. Although only a handful of titles under her belt, the Israeli star is shaping up to be a fine actress.

Thanks to the 1970’s TV series with Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman has a reputation for being cheesy. There’s none of that here. Patty Jenkins does away with all hint of camp and cheese, and creates an action packed film of fantastical violence and a decent helping of comedy.

However, it isn’t all roses. At two hours and twenty minutes, the film is too long and seems to drag at times. Several points throughout the movie, you’ll be aware that ennui has crept in.

Wonder Woman is Gadot’s film all the way and deservedly so. Relishing the role, she puts her all into it, creating the defining interpretation of the character. Intense, dark and savage, Gadot breathes life into the feisty warrior like nobody else could.

Shamefully, British actor David Thewlis plays a rather unremarkable role. Brilliant in Mike Leigh’s Naked, Thewlis is a one off who can portray heavy and gritty realism like few others. It’s very unfortunate, that he is seldom allowed the opportunity to display his talent, instead being relegated to ‘soft and safe’ pictures, such as this or Harry Potter.

If more editing had been utilised, Wonder Woman would have been a damn good flick. Alas, pretension and over indulgence mar, what could have been, the superhero film to rival all others.

Never mind, as what we are treated to is an enjoyable romp, that will keep you watching, if only for Gal Gadot’s flawless beauty.


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