Dir: Dax Shepard, 2017


Following the success of 21 Jump Street and it’s sequel 22 Jump Street, it seems a trend has started of making big screen adaptations of police dramas. The difference, however, is that where the TV versions were gritty and serious, the films are straight out comedies.

If you are of a certain age, you will undoubtedly remember CHiPs as two tough cops, dedicated to the job. Things are a little different, here. Focusing heavily on the comedy, Dax Shepard’s 2017 film hits all the right spots in a typical gross out way.

Boiling the plot down to mere basics, CHiPs is simply a fishes-out-of-water comedy. A tried and tested formula, it’s been done a thousand times before, and will continue to be used for years to come. In this respect, Shepard’s movie has very little originality.

For what it’s worth, the plot is about bent coppers and it’s up to the stars to find out who they are. Even that’s unoriginal.

But, the lack of freshness in the film is irrelevant as Shepard is more intereored in making viewers laugh, succeeding frequently. Bad taste gags and gross-out humour, is the order of the day, refuting any insinuation of subtlety or sophistication.

Make no mistake, if it’s clever wit and dry musings you’re after, forget it. Move on. CHiPs isn’t a Coen Brothers film or a Merchant-Ivory production (thankfully). It’s target is for those after a quick laugh. The beer and takeaway crowd. And there’s nothing wrong with that, despite what snobby-arsed middle class critics pontificate.

Featuring a brilliant cameo by the star of the series, Erik Estrada, CHiPs is a real good laugh, providing easy going entertainment to suitably close a Saturday evening.

Watch this with the Jump Street films, and you’re a guaranteed a good time.


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